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Everything works out of the box

You do not need to charge anything, set up, do aqua protection and other extras. services. The scooter works great without these manipulations and is completely ready for use.

Aviation grade aluminum and steel alloy body

Lightweight and durable body will last
long years.

Minimalistic design and Panasonic technology from Jitech Energy Shenzhen

Yamato is a certified anti-counterfeiting brand

Functional LCD

5 indispensable control functions for your Yamato electric scooter.

Waterproof and dustproof IP55

Splashes and small puddles will not damage the accessories

Bright LED headlights and active brake light

Visibility range at night reaches 5 meters

Smooth running

Using a combination of tube and tubeless wheels gives the best ride quality and smoothness in its class


We are a manufacturer. And we are always in touch, because we care about how our product works


Scooter daily rent

Smarter than kicksharing

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